1998 - SOUND ART
Concept of five samples made up of dust, extracted from the discography of "Portion of asexuated handle"/ Concept di cinque sample a base di polvere, estratti dalla discografia di "Porzione di manico asessuato".

Developement of a sound archive for three voices, my parents’ records, my childhood’s records and records with politicians’speeches.
Possible setups: the record player playing, boxes sounding, table or even the boxes themselves as basement for the record cases. With a red stamp I stop the sounding moment in wich an information collapse
happens, provoked by the accumulation of dust on the record player’s needle, when at some time the needle has no more adherence and slides provoking a rustle. From hence the red stamp will keep the needle looping over the same sound or word.

For further insight:
”La polvere nell’arte” by Elio Grazioli
Bruno Mondadori Editore